The Best Poppers That Make The Most Delicious Popcorn


Can you guess what makes a movie more enjoyable and interesting? Yes, your guess is correct, it is popcorn! Popcorn is touted to be the most consumed time pass snack. There are many mouthwatering flavors available in the market, but the correct taste and texture make a lot of difference. Nowadays, we have three main categories of popcorn makers that are claimed to be the best. They are microwave poppers, hot air poppers, and stirring poppers. silicone microwave popcorn popper is preferred by many popcorn lovers as it makes the lightest and fluffiest popcorn. Craving for a healthy snack and scared of calories? Don’t worry; popcorn is the best choice for you. Need a proof that it’s beneficial? Then, please visit the site for complete information on popcorn and its benefits. Let us now go through the various popcorn poppers that are trending now and let’s get an idea about their features, pros, and cons.

Microwave Popcorn Poppers
Using this popper is quite easy as it just has to be filled with corn kernels and placed in the microwave oven. This is more suitable for a small crowd of three to four people. Let us now see the microwave poppers made of different materials:

Ø Rigid microwave poppers:
They are made of solid household container materials. They are cheap, can be used for reheating and are long-lasting. But they leave few kernels uncooked and use more space.
Ø Silicon microwave poppers:
They are made of silicone similar to the material of ice cube trays. They have many advantages like they are compact, can withstand high temperatures but do not pop the kernels unevenly. They are expensive.
Ø Lekue microwave poppers:
The company has set the margin rather high by manufacturing these poppers made of durable silicone.
Advantages of this popper:
1) Can pop up to 90% of the kernels in the first attempt
2) Easy to clean
3) Compact
Disadvantages, very few though:
Measuring lines are of the metric system.
Ø Nordic Ware microwave poppers:
The company claims that this popper is unbreakable and chip proof. This does not meet the expected standards as there are incidents of burning, but it can be used for reheating purpose.
We have some more poppers like Presto power pop multi popper, Chef’n Pop-top popper, and Joi MSC popper.

Ø Hot air popcorn poppers:
They have a popping chamber into which hot air is blown. They are the best, efficient and quick.

Ø Presto Poplite is the best hot air popper regarding design and efficiency.

Ø West bend Professional popper has multiple functions and the best cooking time.

Some other poppers are Cuisinart, and West bend air crazy mini, nostalgia retro series, Hamilton beach hot series, and Orville Redenbacher’s fountain poppers.

Stirring Popcorn Makers
In this kind of poppers, kernels are placed on a hot plate with oil. Electric element beneath the plate heats the kernels evenly. Stirrer moves the kernels around so that they do not get burnt.
Types of stirring popcorn makers:
Ø West bend stir crazy poppers:
There is no wastage, and the popcorn is most tasty when compared to others.

Ø Orville Redenbacher’s by presto and Nostalgia stainless steel stir popper have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Minecraft –The Online Game That Thrills Players


Mine craft is thrilling players across the globe, irrespective of age and gender. The online game is gaining much popularity as software giants are experimenting new ventures. Microsoft is now all set to introduce new twists to this all fun adventure. The new version makes it possible for players to join their counterparts in multiplayer games. This brings forth an entirely exciting dimension to the levels of minecraft. You can get ideas on the game from Bit Paks Minecraft Guide and sites like

There are existing multiplayer levels already. However, most of them get complicated and exhausting after a while. The game tends to become sort of tedious when it comes to waiting for the moves from the other people online. Microsoft has been looking into simplifying the whole process for some time finally the innovative version Aspirin has been developed with a solution for enabling easy navigation through the levels in multiplayer games. This leads the way for players to experience freshness from the previous versions.

Microsoft has developed this in built server browser which helps to discover and helps in using the servers easier. Since mine craft has an endless number of fans, the number of people purchasing the new servers will increase. The plan is to make available four servers to users.
· Lifeboat,
· InPvP,
· Mineplex
· CubeCraft

There are more in the cart to be released soon by Microsoft. Another innovative idea from Microsoft is the marketplace addition which enables buying assets like mini games character skins, etc. which can be downloaded.

Just a note for anyone new to Minecraft. If you are wondering what all this fuss is about, the basics of the game go like this. Mine craft is a virtual world of blocks. The players have to dig and harvest raw materials to craft them into weapons and tools and defend themselves against the forceful attack of all those bad guys in the game. The sole purpose is to survive all the attacks.There are creative versions which follow the principle of no violence too. Here the creativity in the player unleashes as he builds castles, houses and so much more with the blocks available.

A massive change is being prepared in the graphics mode as well. Microsoft has released updates regarding this.It may seem strange that the high tech figures would need a graphics overhaul. However, the aim is to bring in a high-resolution 4K support in the graphics. This will enable the characters to look bigger on the TV screen.

All the Bedrock versions will be provided with this update option for free. Premium options will be made available for the Super Duper pack which has better lighting effects, shadow, fog, increased movement for elements like leaves, etc.

As per Microsoft updates, the players will need to have XBOX ONE as well as Windows 10 to operate this new system. So those who are yet to upgrade the hardware components can now rush to have this done. Make it fast and get ready to start the adventure.

Your Favorite Entertainment Package At Your Fingertips


Times have changed, and you need not wait endlessly in a queue to get the tickets for your favorite movie. With the technological advancements that spur up every other moment, film buffs have various channels to keep themselves entertained. The iOS devices and Android systems with their brilliant features add convenience and delight into people’s lives.

Any entertainment package is just a click away. You can now watch the latest flicks within a matter of few minutes from newest movies hd apk download. With a plenty of apps now available to download and watch shows, movies and series, the throw light on the recent advancements. Read more to know about the exciting benefits that are associated with the digital world.

More apps, more fun
While there are several apps for watching movies online, the MovieBox app is used by many. Its user-friendly interface avails ease of use. You can also watch the latest flicks in HD quality which can prove to be a visual treat. The app allows you to download movies at no cost. You can also watch different shows and movies on your television screen. The app allows you to create your playlist. You can download now and watch later during your leisure hours.

Saves quite a lot of money
When you decide to watch a movie on your smartphone, you cut out the cost of buying tickets for every movie that you wish to see. Your favorite movies can be downloaded instantly, and you can watch them without rushing to the cinema halls. You can choose your favorite genres and watch movies from different time periods. If you wish to see them again, you can watch without spending a penny.

Avails a vibrant experience
The iOS and Android devices offer much more than calling and texting features. Looking at a movie in these gadgets are much more fulfilling. With high-speed internet made available, the wait time has been considerably reduced. Downloads take place in a jiffy. You can also choose to see movies based on the ratings. The apps provide a vast collection of movies across several decades. You can enjoy your collection of movies out there at any time.

The anytime, anywhere experience
The best part about watching movies in these smart gadgets include seeing the films at your convenience. You might be on long-distance travel, and you can kill time by enjoying a cinema of your choice. You can also choose to watch them during a holiday. The apps allow you to rejoice a movie-watching experience at any part of the day and any location.

Other add-ons
Another most exciting feature is that the quality of the movies screened. Several video apps have taken over the entertainment market with an array of features. Most of the applications provide the quick download attribute at zero cost. Movies can be filtered based on various categories you choose. Watching films on these gadgets thus become a digitally superior experience with excellent audio-visual features. And the wait is over. Get ready to watch your favorite flicks in the comfort of your home with a hot cup of coffee.

How To Be A Successful Blogger Quickly


You may have come across hundreds of write-ups on how to start your own blog. In fact sites like can provide lots of tips on this topic. Unlike what most people think, beginning a blog is not as hard as it looks in theory. Once you get the hang of it, starting your blog is quite easy. What is hard is the next part of maintaining the blog. This is the tricky part of being a blog owner. You should keep readers interested enough to follow your blog. For today, let’s take a look at some easy steps that will help you with a blog of your own.

Tip 1
Set a goal
You read it right! This is the first step of not only starting a blog but any project you are stepping into. When you say you want to start a blog, set a goal which answers why you are starting it, what you are expecting from the blog and how soon you can get useful results. This step leads you to be focused on the blog and then you will not lose interest.

Tip 2
Provide real killer content
Like mentioned above, it’s easy to follow technical advice and start a blog in wordpress. Instead of concentrating only on the technical details, remember to provide your readers with Killer content. No one wants to read stuff that is already there all over Google and other search engines. You need to make sure that the content you provide is worth reading. People need to come to your blog with a genuine interest to read more. You could create your blog with a theme also. It could be Health related; Family Oriented, Career specific, etc. You could also categorize the blog into different sections and give all kinds of content which are appealing to various age groups.

Tip 3
Select a reliable platform
The initial step to start a blog is to select a platform through which you build and structure your blog. WordPress is the preferred platform for most users. The main reason behind this is Simplicity. It is incredibly easy, and the most recommended one too. WordPress offers great flexibility even after you have created your basic structure. At any point word press allows you to change the design, color, theme, etc. You can give your blog a complete makeover at any point in time.

Tip 4
Keep the momentum alive
Start with an enthusiasm that can be maintained throughout. When you start on a topic, make sure you maintain the same depth through the entire series and never leave readers halfway. Make it a point to complete any topic you begin. Many bloggers start a topic as a series and then discontinue it halfway. This is highly discouraging and will leave the readers frustrated. There is nothing worse that will make them lose interest in your blog. So keep the interests of your readers in mind when displaying any information on the blog.

Follow the above points and become a top blogger within a short time!